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Seawater is mixed with dye and brush painted onto this softer than soft silk satin. The finished piece rests for 2 days then is steamed at very intense heat in a steambox to heat-set the dye. The steaming process is responsible for the vibrant color and texture produced by the salt in seawater. This silk measures 8" x 54" and is hand washable. It is also available in medium (14"x60") and large (14"x72") sizes, please email if interested.

Sea Silk Bright Blue

SKU: SeaBl2
  • It is a 4-day process to create each unique silk. Every piece features hand-rolled hems and is hand-washable. No two are alike. If you're interested in a different color/size, please email me at:

  • All silks are mailed via priority mail unless otherwise requested. Typical delivery time is about 4-5 days. Please contact me by email to make other arrangements:

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