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Ancient writings describe pomegranate as a sacred fruit that provides abundance and luck.  Pomegranate dye is the base color for this scarf, which is crepe de chine and measures 14" wide by 72" in length. Rose, eucalyptus, sycamore and silver oak leaves were then layered on the silk, and it was rolled and steamed for 2 hours to create this natural piece. The tannins in the leaves reacted with the dye to deliver one-of-a-kind color and print. Each is as unique as nature, and hand-washable.

Eco Printing on Pomegrante Dye

SKU: Pom1.72
  • Nature printing was developed in the 18th century. It uses plant life to produce a natural image. Each piece of silk undergoes several stages to deliver a chemical reaction between the fiber and plant tannins.

  • All silks are mailed via priority mail unless otherwise requested. Typical delivery time is about 4-5 days. Please contact me by email to make other arrangements:

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