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Historically, madder is one of the oldest natural dyes. It has been grown since 1500 BC in Central Asia and the Middle East. The dye produces a reddish color that ranges from peach to salmon and bright red. This crepe de chine silk measuring 8”x54” was salmon after the dye process, it changed to a unique purple/grey as it reacted with the plant tannins in the steaming process and features eco prints of eucalyptus and rose leaves.

Eco Printing on Madder dye

SKU: EcoM1
  • Nature printing was developed in the 18th century. It uses plant life to produce a natural image. Each piece of silk undergoes several stages to deliver a chemical reaction between the fiber and plant tannins. Total creation time is 4 days.

  • All silks are mailed via priority mail unless otherwise requested. Typical delivery time is about 4-5 days. Please contact me by email to make other arrangements:

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